Are you planning your divorce?

Are you planning your divorce?

Planning your divorce or for your marriage to fail does sound very crass and probably the last thing on your mind when newly married.

However, relationships can make or break a family home. Some can be loving and responsive in hard times.  Others that have been good for years can slowly begin to crumble. When a relationship ends, the survival of the family environment can be threatened. 40% of marriages fail, so don’t think “It won’t happen to me”.

Reality: Relationships break down

A fact of life is that relationships do break down. It’s still seen as a taboo subject to suggest things might go wrong with a relationship.  However, it’s important to take a realistic sensible approach. You would protect yourself in many other areas of life.  So why not protect your interests with a divorce and better still, do it with your partner in agreement with an amicable solution.

Organise your affairs

The first step when plaaning your divorce should be to sit down with your partner.  Put your differences aside and organise your affairs with a plan of how to divide your assets. This can be done with the help of Divorce Negotiator too. A sensible approach is to work out what is fair and reasonable, which will save you any conflict later. Any wealth generated during the marriage should be shared with your spouse.

Nowadays, some couples are quite switched on to the idea of sorting out their finances together during divorce. But just as many, do not have a clue.  One partner is often responsible for all family finances.

Planning your divorce

If you feel your relationship is struggling, try to understand more about your family finances.  It will stand you in good stead, should the worst happen and the marriage ends in divorce.

Likewise, people are aware of the psychological consequences of their relationship ending. Where there are children, they are engaged with how they will resolve matters like childcare and support.

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