The death of attention in a relationship

death of attention

Modern technology may seem it is making our lives easier, but what is it doing for family life?  Smartphones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices that have gradually taken over the home.  This has killed any attention that you used to receive from your partner.

These days, the family home has evolved with the many electronic devices available to suit all the needs of all family members. A typical family evening is no longer a quiet meal together, talking about their busy days. It may involve the husband glued to the laptop, the wife chatting to her friends on Facebook and the kids battling away on the Xbox all night. Email on smatphones allows us to receive emails straight to our pocket.  Many people work unsociable hours because of this. Your work/life balance becomes blurred and this can affect your personal relationships. It now looks as though work is more important than meeting the needs of family.

Meaningful Conversation

When it comes to deep, meaningful conversations, you may well be met with bowed heads as they focus on their devices and respond infrequently to you. On the rare occasion that you can go out for a meal, the setting may be perfect to rekindle the spark in the relationship but your partner is spending more time checking their smartphone in between courses. This lack of attention can be damaging to your relationship and force you further apart. In any relationship it’s important to communicate effectively, from telling your partner about the events of the day to discussing your interests.

The longer the lack of attention continues, the further your relationship could slip away from you. Eventually, you may find it easier to just give up on the relationship rather than try and talk it through further. When it comes to serious conversations about your future, being met with little interest in what you are saying will likely frustrate you to breaking point. For most, the threat of divorce may prompt them to shake up their whole routine. Changing routine in order to fix the damage they have caused to the one they love is the way to preserve a marriage. Although in many cases, there is no blame for either partner in the relationship.

Death of Attention

The death of attention may have begun with electronic devices taking over the home.  But the death of the relationship may be due to other factors. People may spend more time with their electronic devices or even spend less time with their partner because they feel they have naturally drifted apart. With both parties agreeing this is the case, then at least they can come together once more to arrange a smooth, hassle-free divorce.

The death of attention in a relationship was last modified: March 2nd, 2020 by John Fuller

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