How to get over the hurdle of communication between couples in divorce

communication between couples

One of the main problems with getting a divorce is the communication between couples. As individuals, we wish to be heard and to be listened to.  If either is being restricted in some way, it can increase the tension in any relationship. In any social situation, where others are speaking over you or actively ignoring you, it can be very frustrating.  It could lead to you raising your voice to get your point across. It is often said that ‘men are from Mars and women from Venus’ but the truth is that men and women think and react differently. We may talk and hear differently, which can be a big hurdle for divorcing couples.

Stressful communication between couples

Communication between couples who are considering a divorce or going through a bad patch in the relationship can be stressful. However, a good start is to identify the problem with your partner. This might involve agreeing to take turns at expressing your feelings without any interruptions. If you simply always fall into argumentative mode, then try writing down exactly what you want to say.  Then you can read each other’s thoughts. This would also save you a lot of money.  Getting a solicitor at an early stage will involve letters to and from each other.

The main point is to ensure your communication is efficient and effective by concentrating on solutions to the problems that will benefit both of you. You will make progress if you conduct your discussions in a civilised manner, avoiding repetition and taking care in how you sound to the other person. If communication between a couple results in a rise in anxiety, negativity or volume then you are both less likely to reach a solution.

Conflict escalation

There are a number of things that can escalate conflict in a relationship. This can be anything from yelling, interrupting and snickering to body language like annoying habits or eye rolling. These things can trigger a negative reaction from the other person and increase animosity. In the same way, if you have a sarcastic tone to your comments, this often won’t do you any favours. People can be offended by passive aggressive remarks, which insult or even frighten the other person. It can also lead to them responding in a similar fashion, which makes things worse.

Couples have got to be careful of falling into the trap of arguing every time something is discussed. This behaviour can often lead to each person actually expecting an argument.  Then, genuine compliments can be taken the wrong way. For couples seeking a divorce, they are most likely past that stage and have decided to take final action.  Divorce Negotiator can help you both to keep things calm and work out an amicable divorce. This will be the best for both of you and keep you on speaking terms, at least for the future.

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