We maintain that remaining a family IS most important

remaining a family

Family comes first for many people! The thought of breaking it apart can be heart-wrenching when it comes to family divorce. You may have worked hard all your life to provide for your family.  You want to ensure your children grow up to be healthy, educated and successful. The thought of rocking the boat and upsetting your children can be a lot of emotional stress for each individual involved. Divorce is often a time for emotional baggage to be offloaded.  Children can be on the receiving end, especially if their time is being split between both parents.

As divorce is a big emotional step that is likely to change your home life and family arrangements.  It doesn’t mean to say it should be dismissed as an option. If you are unhappy in your marriage and want to see a change. Don’t decide otherwise just for the sake of the children. Divorce is about planning for the future. You and your partner can come to an agreement that divorce is the way forward and family arrangements will be included as a major part of organising it.


As parents, you will want to see your children and spend as much quality time with them as possible. As couples split, it’s important to understand that your ex will feel the same.  You have got to be careful not to let this discussion turn into a major argument. Dividing your time equally may suit both parties and together you can agree on a way forward. If an acrimonious situation escalates then the cost of your divorce is likely to increase, as you seek two separate solicitors. Couples can work things out amicably, even if it takes time to get over the shock of splitting.

As you grow older, without your partner by your side, you may feel that you can remain good friends. This can be great for future meetups at family weddings for example or even just bumping into each other in the street. With less tension between you both, you can still keep your family together and keep it a priority, knowing that you still trust your ex to care for your children, as they did when you were together.

Family is most important

Family is most important for any individual and this includes you and your children. When times are hard and you need help, your family can be there for you and get you back on track. Also, if you have good relationships with your in-laws then why break this when you and your partner split. Relationships can continue in a new context.

For further information about amicable divorce or to have a confidential discussion about your situation, please telephone 0800 177 7702 (Freephone) or email: info@divorcenegotiator.co.uk.


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