Don’t wait for tomorrow what you can start today

Start divorce

Have you ever put things off to deal with another day? We all do this from time.  From minor things like cleaning the house to bigger actions like buying a house or even getting divorced. There are things that weigh on our shoulders, and it’s much easier to leave them for another day. However, the longer you leave things, the harder it can become to go through with it. Sometimes all it takes, is to get the ball rolling and you are one step closer to your goal. A phone call, email or text could be a simple action to take today, which can set a process in motion.

Divorce can be difficult decision

Divorce can be a difficult decision to come to!  But once you’ve decided that will be the way forward, it’s best to get started.  This will allow you to move on quickly with your life. Whether it is you who wants the divorce, your partner or both of you, it is advisable to take the important first step. Some couples may feel that their marriage is just going through another rough patch, and hang on in the hope for better times. Others may feel they ought to stay together for the sake of the children. In some cases, it maybe that they are very busy. They don’t have time to deal with it or want to wait until an event has passed! Often, these are just excuses and be dismissive to what you truly want.  Even though it would be beneficial for both of you.

Contemplating ending your marriage

It is understandable to have concerns when contemplating ending your marriage.  Some couples may feel that they don’t know which way to turn. Despite this, there is lots of information available.  There are many people to help you get through a divorce in an amicable way. If you are worried about childcare issues or how to split your household finances.  Divorce Negotiator can advise you accordingly. There’s no need to run to separate solicitors to prepare for battle and get the best for yourself. As you went into the marriage together, it makes sense to come out of it together and work out a fair settlement.

Divorce Negotiator works with you both and keeps you both in the loop regarding correspondence. It makes sense to take steps towards a divorce now rather than later when your situation may have got a lot worse. All it takes is a quick message and we can get back to you with advice and further information for the next steps.

For further information or to have a confidential discussion about your situation, please telephone 0800 177 7702 (Freephone) or email

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