Divorce Day – Myth or Reality

Divorce Day

Divorce Day, the first working monday in the new year, has become a much talked-about media topic recently. The stress of the Christmas celebrations sends couples rushing to start divorce proceedings as soon as possible. The first Monday in January has become reknowned as Divorce Day due to the large number of divorce enquiries.

Christmas can be a difficult time of year if your relationship is already strained. With financial pressures as well as time constraints, Christmas can be a very difficult time of year. Add in a fair measure of alcohol and a house full of people, then you have the perfect recipe for arguments.

Unfortunately, it is true, the number of enquiries to divorce firms does increase in January. Maybe, it is the fact that spending more time than normal, with your spouse and their family does create added pressure to a relationship. It has been reported that web searches for divorce increase by 25% during January.

How to start divorce proceedings

Before rushing to a lawyer or applying direct on divorce day. It is worth taking time to consider whether divorce is the right option for you. Are you over-reacting to something that can be resolved amicably? Often the stress of a situation can make it seem a lot worse than it actually is. Take time to assess the situation, and perhaps wait to things get back to normal after the holiday period.

If you are still adamant about divorce, then despite how you feel, proceeding amicably to get a divorce will benefit you in the long run. An amicable divorce is particularly useful, if there are children involved. Your relationship with them will definitely benefit.

To find out where to go from here, Divorce Negotiator offer advice on how to start a divorce. Think about it carefully before proceeding. Although, everyone gets a 6 week cooling off period as part of the divorce process, very few divorces are halted at this point.

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