Halloween costumes to portray your ex-partner

Divorce at halloween

It’s that time of year again when darkness seems to cloud your life and mind and tie you down until Christmas! Halloween is ready to knock at your door and this can be a spooky time. However, if you are also considering ending your marriage, there’s no need to be scared.

This year may not have been kind to you so far and it may be that you have grown to see your partner in a different light. You may have already separated or you are going through problems. However, it’s not easy to ignore certain events in the calendar. Perhaps, as you pick out your Halloween costumes, you start to actually believe your partner’s personality is well portrayed through their choice of costume.

Perfect Costume?

If you had to pick out a costume that represents your partner which would it be? Perhaps it’s one of these:

1)      The Wicked Witch – A woman with a crystal ball who has seen into the future and predicted that a divorce is on the cards. She throws your house, possessions and finances into her cauldron.  She stirs them up as she curses the marriage and casts a spell on you.

2)      Zombie – A dead man walking who shows no sign of emotion or charisma. Over the years, life seems to have been sucked out of him, so much so that his mouth is sewn shut and he refuses to talk. He only grunts and moans, as he drags himself around the house with bleary eyes.

3)      Pumpkin – The laughable character, who on the outside, looks glowing with personality but inside is hollow and empty, plus you only ever remember seeing them once a year.

4)      Vampire – The one who wants to suck the life out of you and bleed you dry! Once they sink their teeth in, they won’t let go until they have taken everything from you.

Ending a marriage

When you consider ending a marriage, you may be feeling hatred for your other half for one reason or another. An event like Halloween can cause havoc in a family home, especially if you have to organise the children to take them trick or treating or arrange a party. Perhaps, it’s also during this period that you realise you are not enjoying being a couple. When it comes to costumes, you can perceive your ex to be one of the above but you’ve got to be realistic about your future.


Casper, the friendly ghost!

Going from argument to argument does not get you anywhere when arranging a divorce.  It’s best to become Casper (the friendly ghost) and work personal issues out so that you can focus on the best for you and your ex. Plan divorce together with the help of Divorce Negotiator to take you through the process and paperwork. No tricks or treats, just straightforward financial settlement for both individuals.

For further information or to have a confidential discussion about your situation please telephone 0800 177 7702

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