What every person MUST know before they start a divorce

What every person MUST know before they start a divorce

We all face challenges in life from going to school for the first time to starting your first job. Giving a speech at a wedding or taking out a mortgage or even divorce are experiences that can challenge us. Life is a series of decisions, some of which are harder than others. In many situations, our minds can think negatively about a challenging situation ahead. Your self-esteem may lower when going through with it. Something that makes us feel anxious or uneasy may cause us to put it off or put to the bottom of your to-do list.

Despite this, we are all familiar with the sense of relief that comes with getting to the end of a difficult time or situation. We reach the light at the end of the tunnel and often feel a little stronger as a result. With trauma in our lives, we can learn to deal with things better and with experience we increase our threshold to tolerate change. However, we would all benefit from good advice to steer us on the right path in the first place. This is so that we don’t make a difficult situation even worse. We’d rather not look back in hindsight and regret the process you decided on.

Negative divorce case studies

There are many divorce case studies, which focus on the negativity surrounding divorce and the rising costs to both people. We especially hear about this with celebrities battling it out in the courts and settling their millions. However, we rarely hear about the amicable divorces that went smoothly and positively. Divorce can be a simple agreement to end your marriage and come to a fair financial settlement.

An amicable divorce is the best way forward for both parties.  Rather than deal with two solicitors, you can arrange to meet with one Divorce Negotiator who can guide you both though the divorce process. If you are looking for an alternative to the ‘see you in court’ approach, then you need to know what could help you have an amicable and fair divorce without costing a fortune.

Seek advice before starting proceedings

Most people when thinking about divorce will run it by friends or family. This is great, but they will only base their advice on their own experience.  This experience is usually very limited, or based on hearsay.  You need to speak to somebody who has up to date knowledge of family law.  Somebody, who can take an impartial view of your problems, rather than somebody who will normally take your side to avoid upsetting you.

If you don’t know the divorce process, how are you going to manage to get through it without causing yourself unnecesary stress?

For further information or to have a confidential discussion about your situation, please telephone 0800 177 7702 (Freephone) or email info@divorcenegotiator.co.uk

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