West Midlands Divorce Centre closes

West Midlands Divorce Centre closes

It was confirmed today that the West Midlands Divorce Centre in  Staffordshire closed on Friday 28th June 2019.

All the West Midlands Divorce Unit (WMDU) cases are being transferred to the East Midlands Divorce Centre. The number of divorce centres in England and Wales is now reduced from 11 down to 10. 

The divorce system is already overloaded, so this closure will put additional strain on a creaking system.

What will happen to existing divorce cases being processed by WMDU?

West Midlands Divorce Unit (WMDU) said that all cases are being transferred to East Midlands Divorce Unit.  As WMDU processed over 10000 divorce cases a year (2017), we can only hope the paperwork was transferred in an orderly manner.

Email and phone calls to West Midlands Divorce Unit are now redirected to East Midlands Divorce Unit.

With no official announcement from HMCTS regarding the closure,  the reason for the closure is currently unknown.  West Midlands and East Midlands Divorce Units were the only 2 divorce units operating the pilot digital divorce system.  The digital system could process divorces much faster than the other 9 divorce centres.  We can only speculate if the pilot system is being phased out or centralised.

But in the interim cross-over period, we can only expect the timescales of divorce to increase further.

To contact the East Midlands Divorce Unit

PO Box 10447

For advice on how to get the quickest possible divorce, please contact Divorce Negotiator

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