Are you exempt divorce court fees?

court fee exemption

The £550 court fee is a major concern for many people and is often a reason some do not get divorced.  For many on low or middle income, the divorce court fee is a massive hurdle, that puts a stop to many unhappy couples getting divorced.

However, there are exemptions for those on a low income or on benefits.  These people are completely exempt the court fees. If you earn less than £1085 per month or on benefits you are not expected to pay any of the court fees.

But what about those that earn more than £1085 a month?  Depending on how much more than this limit, the court fee goes up proportionately to a maximum of £593.

Partial Exemption For Those Earning Less Than £2185 per month

It is not widely known that you can also be partially exempt the court fee for divorce.

If you earn less than £2185 per month without dependent children, you can also claim exemption of the court fee.  This figure goes up by £245 for every dependent child you have under 19 years of age.

A person with 2 children earning less than £2675 can claim a partial exemption to court fees.

For example

Somebody earning £2500 per month with 3 dependent children under 19 is only liable to pay £340 in court fees, and not the full £593.

To find out if you are exempt divorce court fees

If you want an estimate on how much you should pay in court fees, then please visit our fee calculator

Court Fee Calculator

Divorce Negotiator offers advice on how you can claim exemption of court fees as part of our services.  Unlike solicitors, we ensure that you do not pay unnecessary fees.  We help you pay the minimum court fee possible.

In 2017-18, the government overcharged the public by £18.4 million in court fees.  They say they are trying to repay this overpayment, but wouldn’t you rather not pay it in the first place?

Please contact Divorce Negotiator on 0800 177 7702 for more information on starting a divorce with court fee exemption.

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