Why Unreasonable behaviour doesn’t have to be so unreasonable

Unreasonable behaviour

What is unreasonable to you, may not be unreasonable to someone else. The only person you need to convince is the Judge. They don’t want long paragraphs of events over the past umpteen years.  I have seen some solicitors draft great essays for their client’s. They do this to stir up trouble which in turn gives them more billable hours.

We have found five simple worded sentences of 5 different descriptions is completely adequate for the judge to grant the divorce now, without the need to wait two years.

Scaremongering press

Do you not find that the press and things you read on the internet is driven by scaremongering? It is so unnecessary, and that is not what we want for you. If the marriage has come to an end, accept it and move on in the best way you can.

In America, Gwyneth Paltrow invented the term “conscious uncoupling”, and I think in a few years this will be a term that is used much more often.  It reflects how their relationship came to an end but her and Chris Martin are close friends and both parents of their children.

Of course, many devastated spouses don’t want their other halves to leave them.  However, punishing yourself in a long drawn out expensive divorce to try and get at them, is going to hurt you in ways you cannot even begin to imagine at the moment.  Putting yourself through all that extra anguish is not worth the extra time and money you need to put in, to justify your retaliation.

Some people think the first point of call is the solicitors. And sometimes they are right. But it depends on the question they ask.   Do you want someone on your side? Or someone to help you get a divorce.  Because if you want someone on your side, there will always be someone on the other side, fighting or defending and that is where it all goes wrong!!!!!!

How to proceed

At Divorce Negotiator, we take the opportunity to work with husband and wife in a divorce, to ensure both parties are happy with the reasons for the divorce.  When both know what to expect, it comes as less of a shock and hence less resistance to obstruct the divorce going through.

For an easier amicable divorce, contact Divorce Negotiator on 0800 177 7702

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