Ever wished you could do things differently?

Ever wished you could do things differently?

Do you ever wish you could go back and do something all over again?

I wish I could, and I would be two years and £25k richer.

When my wife first introduced me to Divorce Negotiator, she tried to get me to speak to them, but I was not prepared to. I think, looking back, I felt the solicitor would be on my wife’s side as my wife had spoken to them first.

I was in an emotional turmoil at the time, and I buried my head in the sand and did nothing with regard to the divorce. I wouldn’t sign papers that came from the court; I wouldn’t talk to my wife about a settlement, I wouldn’t even answer her emails. I didn’t even speak to a solicitor. I thought I knew what I was doing and if I kept my head down the whole thing would go away. Unfortunately, doing this never solves anything.

My biggest regret was not working with Divorce Negotiator.  Instead, I chose to use my own solicitor.

“I didn’t appreciate that working with BOTH of us could be fair”

Now, three years on, I am £25k down, and my wife is £15k down. (what a waste of money). I finally met with them in court. They were there assisting my wife, and I had my solicitor and barrister representing me. My wife chose not to have a barrister since she believed Divorce Negotiator would be enough for her. And, she was right.

I was so surprised

The first time I saw the representative from Divorce Negotiator, I remember thinking “She doesn’t look very scary”. The first time I heard her speak was when she came into our room and suggested a settlement offer. I was so surprised! I had been expecting to hear some ridiculous offer. But no, what she said made sense!  and it was to neither of our detriments.

Carol, from Divorce Negotiator, and my barrister then spent time going backwards and forwards with tweaks to the settlement.  We jiggled with the figures over the next couple of hours.  There was a lot to take into consideration from both sides. But we eventually got there. We also didn’t have to have a final court hearing. We went into the judge and told him what we wanted, and he agreed. I honestly feel, if I had listened to my wife three years ago, we would have saved so much time and money.

If I wasn’t single-minded, the money spent on legal fees could have spent on our children. So to all men out there who believe your wife’s solicitor is going to crucify you.  Think again if they introduce you to Divorce Negotiator. They are fair, up front, and approachable. They share the pros and cons with you, and they do just want the best for both sides rather than just one party.

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