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Are you a VIP? Perhaps you are the one watching others behind the VIP barrier in a bar and wondering why your life can’t be like theirs.

Perhaps, you imagine that everyone in that section is happily married and loving their life or maybe it’s the celebrity status that you aspire to have, respected by the general public. However, in truth, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. With Jay Z and Beyoncé having problems, there is a long line of celebrities who experience divorce and harsh times financially. Their happiness is often dictated by how they are portrayed in the media and it can often be perceived happiness.

High Profile Divorces

The high profile divorce cases are often followed in the news to astound people with the cost of the settlement but splitting up amicably is another option all couples could take. Divorce Negotiator treat everyone as VIPs. We don’t take sides or show bias for one particular party when we are approached to arrange a couples’ divorce. Whoever’s fault the end of the marriage may be, we simply facilitate a divorce for couples who want to divorce and work out a fair financial settlement.

We don’t like the idea of putting up a barrier and making the grass greener on one side for one party. We believe that the majority of couples simply want to work out an end to their marriage so they can move on with their lives. Many couples go through bad times together and may seek help with counselling to patch up their marriage but it’s best to be as honest and open as possible. After all, no one wants to be in a loveless marriage for five years or more and regret the time they lost. When couples choose to work with two separate solicitors, it can often lead to a cloak and dagger effect, where communication is poor and misinterpreted between both parties.

You are a VIP because you deserve an independent lifestyle and financial stability. We hate to hear about couples who went through a divorce and got left with nothing. Work together one last time to get the best out of a difficult situation. You walked down the aisle of marriage together, so why not walk down the road of divorce together!

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