Dating websites – His Story of Divorce

Dating Websites - Divorce

A selection of stories, based (loosely) on the stories clients tell us.

Dating Websites – His story

My experience has a completely different ending. The way my wife and I met, she was very beautiful. To me at least. I didn’t want her to be beautiful to everyone else. Love, young love, is such a passionate feeling. We were married for 15 years before I strayed. We found ourselves in a bit of a slump. Life had become mundane. We started to argue a lot about money and responsibility of household chores along with many other stupid matters. We stopped talking, we stopped listening. The twins were 14 and into their own thing. My wife was working nights at the local hospital. Not because we needed the extra money, I wanted her to take a day job. She said she preferred nights because that way, we each had the double bed to ourselves. Me at night and her in the day.

So I started looking on the Internet at porn sites. Then gambling sites, then dating sites. I started chatting online with Paula. Divorced with two children also aged 14 and 16. My description was ‘it’s complicated’. I think that meant separated but not divorced. I explained that my wife didn’t love me anymore, and we were splitting up but hadn’t yet. This chatting went on for a few weeks before we agreed to meet. I waited till my wife went to work and kids were playing on PS3. I told them I was popping over a friend’s and to get to bed at 10 pm. Paula and I met at her flat. She said her daughter wasn’t feeling too well so couldn’t go out. I thought she was rather brave allowing me to see where she lived. Anyway, we had a few drinks, a quickie on her sofa and I was on my way home by 10.30.

I didn’t notice my wife’s car

I cannot believe that I didn’t notice my wife’s car, we didn’t have our own drive, but it was there as large as life where she usually parks it. Anyway, I didn’t see it and merrily walked indoors bold as brass.

She was sat at the computer looking at the dating site Paula and I had met on. She knew where I had been, so there was no point lying. She had come from work sick. She didn’t look particularly sick to me and if she was, why was she on the PC. She said she’d suspected for a while. She shouted and screamed and 20 minutes later, my bag was packed with the necessitates and I was back in my car.  I drove the half hour to my Mum’s, woke her up and said we had a row and I have left for a couple of days. That turned into a couple of weeks, which turned into a couple of years. We got divorced on the grounds of two years separation. I miss my ex-wife and the life we had. I miss and missed my kids too. I took it all for granted. I never did see Paula again, but I have met someone else now. My ex and I get on better now than we did when we married.  But I think that’s because she agreed we were in a rut.  She is someone more suitable to her and she tells me they sit and chat for hours about all sorts.  Mostly, she says, they talk about the things that sometimes go wrong between them and they don’t sweep it under the carpet.


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