Quickie divorce: fake news or hard fact?

Quickie Divorce

Ah, the summer of 2018! The glorious sunshine, the World Cup, the fairy-tale Royal Wedding …  Of course, you knew that the sun would have to stop shining, and that football wasn’t really coming home.  But did you know that in 2016*, 42% of marriages in England and Wales ended in divorce?

Once it’s clear that “happily ever after” isn’t going to be your story.  When you know that the only ending can be, “We divorced”.  How quickly can you expect to get divorced?

In our experience, the biggest obstacle to a quick divorce is how long it takes you both to:

  • negotiate the “settlement”
  • the agreement as to how finances
  • child access etc will be arranged.

Anxiety about how you will manage financially, how much you are entitled to, how much you should be prepared to share, leads to even more arguments. The stress at this most traumatic time of your life and can render you almost paralysed with worry and unable to function on a normal day-to-day basis.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

  • If you’re in a rush to move on to the next chapter
  • You are both in agreement about getting divorced
  • Both of you want a fair settlement

But are uncertain as to the practicalities of a settlement. i.e. the shared home, the children, the pension, the pets, the family silver, the favourite painting, and the myriad of other matters that need to be agreed upon. It may be that our Breakaway Break is the answer for you.

Let us help you negotiate the details over a weekend in a neutral environment.  One of our specially-trained consultants will meet with you both, first separately and then together, to ascertain what it is you both want from any settlement.  You might be surprised at how the less obvious details, though just as significant as the more glaring ones, can be overlooked during this stressful time without an experienced and objective eye on them.  We will then file with the court all the relevant documents on your behalf at the appropriate time according to the court timelines.  While we can’t take the emotional stress out of getting divorced, we hope to lighten the practical burden a little.

How quick can a divorce be?

In theory, where there is complete consent, an agreed settlement and all the paperwork is returned quickly, a divorce should take around four to six months. This will have no need for either of you to appear in court.  However, bearing in mind that we now have eleven Divorce Centres in England and Wales. These replaced the 110 divorce county courts previously in place, delays and backlogs are inevitable.  Combine this with incorrectly completed forms, forms not submitted in the stipulated timeframe, or lack of agreement between you both.  You could be looking at a significantly longer time than this.

During the breakaway break, we can ensure that an agreement is reached.  All papers are signed ready to be served and so speed up the process significantly.

Why not go to a solicitor?

While we are not in the business of criticising family solicitors for doing their job.  It is a fact that, in almost ten years that Divorce Negotiator has been helping couples reach a quick and amicable divorce.  Around 30% of our clients have come to us because they were dissatisfied with the service they had received from the solicitors they had previously instructed.  Various reasons have been cited for this, including:

  • the solicitor dealing with their divorce worked part-time and this substantially increased the time taken to process the divorce
  • the unnecessary expense of having a solicitor each when the couple were in agreement
  • the slow pace of progress – you would not believe the number of people who come to us telling us of the thousands of pounds they have spent without being any nearer to a settlement than when they discussed it a year ago
  • pressure to apply to the Judge to make an order when the division had already agreed on this between themselves
  • the stress of having to be adversarial because of the “opposing sides” element of having separate solicitors trying to squeeze what they can out of the other “side”

In cases where there is a disparity between what each divorcing partner believes is right.  It is very easy to spend more on legal fees trying to settle the difference than the amount of the difference itself!  Also, if the parties cannot agree on a settlement, there can be a huge amount of time taken up with applications, compulsory mediation and possibly a trial. A trial can take up to 2 years.

Quickie Divorce

But if you can come to an agreed settlement, helped along in the process by our trained negotiators.  You want the paperwork and the settlement resolved in a couple of days.  Then it may be that the Breakaway Break may very well help you turn the page to a new beginning.

Divorce Negotiator says ‘quick’ is a subjective word, which means different things to different people. Is quick cheap? or should it be more expensive because you are getting better service faster? Is quick 1 week or 1 month? depends on who you are of course!

To find out more, call us on 0880 177 7702 or click here to find out more about divorce in a weekend.



* 2016 is the latest year for which official figures have been released by the Office of National Statistics

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