How can both solicitors be right

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If both you and your partner speak to individual solicitors, they will tell you what you can expect as an outcome to your divorce.  Normally over-promising the result so you will choose them to represent you.

But if both solicitors are saying you will receive the majority of the assets, then one of you is going to be disappointed.  This will not help your relationship going forward, creating antagonism between the two parties. The only winners are the solicitors who create the disagreements and then get paid to argue for those disagreements.

If you want a real answer to the outcome of your divorce, we will tell you ALL the possible results from both your points of view. This will happen before you make the most crucial decision of your divorce. Speaking to Divorce Negotiator will give you the best case and worst case outcomes. You can then go away and discuss this (if possible) having all the facts to hand.

We find so often couples, or one party comes to us and says “my solicitor said” as if it is definite. What the solicitor is telling you (unspoken words) is that is what they would like to achieve. If your spouse doesn’t agree, then you will have to go to court. It is not in the solicitor’s interest to continue.

Divorce Negotiator can assist both parties

Divorce Negotiator can assist both parties in the divorce, so we work to achieve the best outcome for BOTH parties.  By doing it this way, you not only save on legal fees (as you only pay one set of costs).  Also, you will both know what the division of assets will be, before going to court.

Divorce Negotiator had such a calming effect after the terrible advice my solicitor had given me

We were going to have a long, acrimonious and expensive battle, with the solicitors being the only winners.

If the idea of saving legal fees and getting a fair divorce, then get in contact with us at 0880 177 7702

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