Unreasonable behaviour – still the most popular reason for divorce

Unreasonable behaviourThis whole situation for poor Mrs. Tini Owen, whose appeal in the Supreme Court was rejected today, has not only put 10’s if not 100’s of £1000’s in the pockets of law firms.  It leaves this lady having to wait until February 2020 to cite 5 years separation as the reason for divorce.  In all our years of helping one or both parties get divorced, we have NEVER had a divorce rejected.


The unreasonable behaviour citing is a subjective test. What is unreasonable to me may not be unreasonable to you. But the Judge who has his own standards approves or rejects based on his standards. In the first instance, the majority of us would not have had the funds to appeal the decision let alone afford to continue to the supreme court.

If we were to work under Scottish laws. The law states you only need to be separated for one year and file for divorce with your spouse’s consent and two years without the consent. Here we are 2 years with the consent and 5 years without. Also, in Scotland, you only need to live in Scotland for just 40 days. In England or Wales, you must have lived here for 365 days.

The courts are going to be extremely vigilant now on divorces for Unreasonable behaviour.

Let us help you ensure you don’t suffer like Mrs. Owen did.  Contact Us to make an appointment on 0800 177 7702 to get advice on what is likely to be considered unreasonable behaviour and what is just normal behaviour.

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