The more spent on weddings increases the likelihood of divorce

The more spent on weddings increases the likelihood of divorce

This article in the Independent reports on a study that says the more spent on weddings, increases the likelihood of divorce. The study states that the more spent on the wedding ring and ceremony is inversely associated with the marriage duration.

In our experience, this is utter rubbish and should be questioned. The survey was carried out on just under 4000 married persons. But considering there are 124.6 million couples in the USA, this represents a tiny number to be sending this message out to people, as if it is the truth.

Anyway looking at their statistics, still 50 % of those in the study get divorced. Why does everyone think we want bad stories? The divorcing couples we help have had cheap weddings, Vegas weddings,  lavish weddings and all other small weddings. I would not waste my time doing a survey and going back over our statics, because there is nothing to prove. Some people do have big weddings and last a lifetime and others have small weddings and end, in 2, 5 10, 17 years. As long as you are both getting married for the right reason, don’t worry about it.

Fairytale Wedding Pressure?

Couples are under increasing pressure to have the “fairytale wedding” by bridal magazines and the media. This show the “image is everything” attitude that people strive for on social media. I do agree with this. The younger generation (more than most) are reading social media in the same way our ancestors did about the Bible. The vanity today for people to show others what they are doing, how they look and checking who has liked is becoming obsessive. Getting annoyed when someone doesn’t ‘like’ your status is getting out of hand.

Unfortunately, this superficial attitude could come at a cost.

The article goes on to say that those who have a proper honeymoon are more likely to have a long marriage.  Come on, ask your self, does this have any credence?  People are not reflecting on their honeymoon when they file for divorce.

Marriages survive when two people can communicate, like each other and have a good sexual relationship with each other. I think everyone getting married or in their first year should learn how to be married. This can be from those couples who are genuinely happily married, and not social media.

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