Divorce rates rise for those over 50

Divorce rates are on the rise for the over 50s! A measurement that could be because of the fact that men and women are abandoning marriage at an age when they are likely to achieve some sort of monetary freedom. This could be by way of their pension, or that the mortgage is paid off. Whatever the reason, people have different ideas on how to spend the rest of their lives. And the decision whether this is to be together or apart seems to be sliding towards the “apart” choice.

Silver splitters (sorry- I hate to use that phrase), it appears no longer fear being left alone. However, women often have less cash to live on than men, but they are still taking the risk of changing their lifestyle. Children moving out of the family home can be a factor. Women who gave up their career to look after children can find themselves without a purpose and lonely. A complete change in lifestyle, either with or without their current partner, seems like the best and most exciting way forward.  A home that used to be full of life and excitement is now vacant and quiet.  This may seem like bliss to some, but difficult to cope with for others. Likewise, the thought of going from parent straight to grandparent, without any time to themselves will either be embraced by some or the feeling of dread by others.

These huge changes in lifestyle are often the catalyst to go one step further and change the long-term partner for one more exciting.


divorce rates rise for th over 50s

Divorce rates reverse

Up to 2003 divorce rates had been falling, now they’ve gone into reverse. In 2016 there were six per cent more divorces than the previous year according to the Office of National Statistics.

Women who gave up working while there were children and a husband to look after, can find it harder than they might have thought to get back into working life. Although unemployment is at a record low, pay for unskilled workers is also very low. It is worth, refreshing your working skills before making that leap into the world of having to support yourself.

Whatever the reason for the separation, it is strongly recommended to seek professional advice.  If you have been together for a long time, there is no reason to end that relationship acrimoniously.  There are good reasons to have been together for that length of time.  You do not need to end your marriage in a hateful manner.  Wouldnt you prefer to remain friends?

Divorce Negotiator can help you make that next step in life, and end the marriage that is no longer working. Whether you want to divorce amicably or not, Divorce Negotiator will provide the help and support to get you through this difficult time.

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