A Fair and reasonable divorce

The idea of divorce may start ringing alarm bells in your head.  Finances are one of the key worries, along with your children’s future. There are many factors to consider, and it can be hard for some people to think independently once again after years of making joint decisions, as a married couple. However, it’s important to understand that there is no reason why divorce can’t be a joint decision too. Couples may agree that their marriage needs to come to an end.  They can also agree to work out a fair settlement for both of them. So a fair and reasonable divorce is achievable, with some work by both parties.

It is advisable to consider your individual needs before going into the divorce process and think about what you would be happy to leave the marriage with. However bitter you feel towards your spouse, it can only make things worse to drag them through a long, drawn-out process which increases tension and aggression. Using two different solicitors can escalate the situation and cause unwanted conflict.

In the current divorce process, each solicitor tries to get the best for their client but this cannot be possible. This is because there are two parties and the court is there to stop one party “winning” over the other. This process leads to conflict and argument which, in addition to you losing control, means someone else is making the decisions for you. Most importantly, this process costs money! The longer solicitors take to agree with each other, the more your “pot” shrinks and the further apart you become.

Case Study with Divorce Negotiator (DN)

Mr B was retiring from the Army with a pension pot of 1.5 million. Mr and Mrs B had a number of meetings with DN and agreed their financial separation. DN advised Mrs B to have the draft order looked over and explained to her by another solicitor. Mrs B and DN talked before the meeting about the potential outcomes that the solicitor may advise.

The solicitor told Mrs B that is was a fair settlement ‘but’ that she could get more for her.  This, DN and Mrs B knew, but it was at what cost? (time, stress, cost). Mr B was not budging from his offer and had entered into a relationship with a work colleague, who was also retiring with a 1.5 million pension pot.  DN and Mrs B had a further meeting and Mrs B said the relationship with the children and their father was more important and this would only inflame the situation again.

With Divorce Negotiator you will stay in control of both your finances and your life. By talking together, the Divorce Negotiator will assist you both to reach an amicable agreement that the court will accept and so you both win.

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