Save time on the Divorce process

Divorce Process

If you are thinking about a divorce, there are three divorce processes to consider:

The law already gives guidance on all of these, although there is no set format, so why complicate the matter? One needs to always consider that the court is ‘only’ there when parties cannot agree. Therefore the court is not your starting point for deciding on your children or your finances.

Once the judge is satisfied that the children have been taken into consideration and that they are not required to make any orders under the Children Act then and only then will they grant the Decree Nisi. The law states that there will be a period of six weeks and a day after the pronouncement of the Decree Nisi before the Decree Absolute can be applied for. This is to allow both parties to reconsider, should they wish.


Divorce Negotiator believes the best outcome for the children should always be agreed by you.  If you really cannot agree we would then advise for court intervention. Exactly the same philosophy is prescribed when considering the settlement. It is Divorce Negotiator’s job to explain to you what happens at court so that you can avoid it.

So why would you let a stranger try and control this for you when they have no knowledge of your circumstances or of you personally? This can only delay and frustrate an inevitable outcome costing you time, money and stress. At Divorce Negotiator we work with you to guide you through this process quickly and efficiently. We advise you both openly how to achieve a fair settlement that will meet the requirements of the law.

With the Divorce Negotiator process time is automatically cut down by at least 60% due to the time saved.

Comparing steps

1. Client solicitor first meeting

2. Solicitor writes to client

3. Post

4. Client signs instruction

5. Post

6. Client meets with solicitor again

7. Solicitor drafts petition

8. Post

9. Client signs petition and post to solicitor

10. Solicitor writes to spouse

11. Awaits a response

12. Solicitor files petition


Divorce Negotiator has phone call meeting or in person

  1. We send instruction letter by email to both
  2. We prepare the Petition and send emails to both parties
  3. Client signs petition and post to Divorce Negotiator
  4. Divorce Negotiator files the Petition

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