Getting A Divorce No Longer Has To Be Expensive

There are over 120,000 divorces in the UK each year! This is great news for solicitors who can potentially earn large sums of money for a divorce. However, Divorce Negotiator don’t feel that it is appropriate to make a fortune out of people during a miserable and particularly difficult time in their lives. The whole process can be an emotional rollercoaster.  With an alternative approach, you can experience a level of understanding, which is cost effective and time efficient.

When you get married, you do not expect to get divorced, if you did then you would probably put some money away each month to pay for it. They say when a couple get divorced, there are no real winners but that is not strictly true. In most cases, couples see a win as getting a fair settlement and a new life, with as little conflict as possible.

Helping couples reduce the cost of a divorce

Getting a divorce does not have to be expensiveDivorce Negotiator help couples reduce the cost of a divorce by working with both parties. We help them to come up with a financial settlement and divorce agreement that benefits both parties. No longer do people getting a divorce require paying for a separate solicitor and no longer does a divorce have to be a stressful experience. Divorce Negotiator helps to reduce the cost as well as the stress that goes with a breakdown of a marriage.

Divorce Negotiator advise both parties in the divorce on the grounds for divorce. We guide them through the law which includes the settlement right through to the Decree Absolute, making sure that the divorce settlement is fair for both parties.

They say when it comes to a divorce there is only one real winner! That is the solicitors who are in charge of your divorce. People wishing to get divorce now have the power in their hands to say no to solicitors and yes to Divorce Negotiator.  We guarantee to make the divorce a simple and inexpensive process without the hassle.

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