How to split up amicably

how to divorce amicably

Amicable DivorceIn general, divorce is a topic you are not likely to hear much about unless you have been through one or about to. Occasionally you may hear from friends who are going to get a divorce.  But it’s the high profile cases, which are often splashed across the media, that we hear most about. Everyone enjoys a bit of gossip, especially when celebrities are involved.  These big cases can also bring out different sides to people’s personalities. Even the most mild-mannered people can change if they feel they have been wronged or misrepresented.  Divorce Negotiator can show you how to split up amicably.

An acrimonious split can see couples lashing out in fury in order to get even and save their public image. An example of this is the Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi case.  Their divorce involved damaging allegations and has tainted the public’s viewpoint. There are different perspectives on this case and Nigella is seen to be victimised, especially regarding their public scene of domestic abuse. However, Charles has also accused her of using drugs regularly. Regardless of who wins or loses in these cases, it’s worth considering an amicable split to avoid further upset.

Here are some tips on how to split up from your spouse and remain on good terms with each other:

1)      Time

It takes time to get over a bad relationship, especially when it has been a very difficult one that is emotionally draining. Whether the reason for the split: adultery, domestic violence, lack of interest in each other or desire to be single etc., it will take time to move on and change. The divorce process can be an amicable one that is quick and simple. Otherwise, the time it takes to finalise things will drag on.  You could both be fighting over things like who gets the house, the cars or even the dogs! It is understood that it may take some time before couples are on good enough terms to speak to each other again.  However, if they don’t have children then they don’t necessarily have to.

2)      Avoid high street solicitors

Despite your annoyance with your spouse or issues you have about talking through the divorce process, it’s important to get the best for both parties. After all, you both went into the marriage together and you can go out in agreement too. Although, many people are tempted to get even or ensure that their partner suffers more so than they have. This leads to using high street solicitors who often put their interests before yours and can lead to the divorce bill significantly increasing.  Sometimes this can be even more than the cost of your wedding. Some people have even started down this route with a standard divorce, only to see it spiral into a complex and bitter dispute. In a worst case, has led them to bankruptcy.

3)      Be friendly

You don’t have to be a Christian to have forgiveness values and acceptance. Making friends with your ex can be good in the long term, especially if you will need to make contact with them regularly to make arrangements for childcare. Your anger may get in the way of acting reasonably but it’s important to act with dignity and grace to be the best you can be.

Perhaps Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson have fallen at the first hurdle when it comes to arranging a divorce. Celebrities often have bigger wallets to pay for a high profile case and it is doubly important for them to come out on top to save their public image. Despite this, it would be great to see celebrities going for an amicable split that doesn’t give the media much to gossip about, other than the friendly and dignified approach they have taken.

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