How to get a No Fault divorce

Although a “No Fault Divorce” is not accepted by the courts in England and Wales. With the law wanting us to continue to prove that one party is at fault. Divorce Negotiator are showing couples a better away to get divorced.  Nobody gets a shock when accused of causing the marriage failure in the initial petition.
When you hear the word ‘divorce’, people think of battling with an ex over every little detail of their lives. We are now in 2018 and attitudes have changed.


No fault divorce

Less people are following the traditional route. Paying two solicitors to communicate for you will become a thing of the past. With Divorce Negotiator, we assist one or both parties through the divorce paperwork. From initial Petition through to Decree Absolute. There is only one charge and we make sure that any financial settlement needed is fair to both of you. We ensure that advice is what is best for the whole family and their future finances.


An Amicable divorce is less complicated

Our clients are happy with the service level they receive. They appreciate the process being transparent and less daunting for everyone involved. It makes sense for a lot of couples to discuss their issues together. We can help you get divorced or separated in the best way possible, which is most cost-effective. Saving time and money is necessary for today’s economy. That’s why the government is focusing on alternative approaches to divorce.
We will make sure more people have a better experience of the divorce process. No more confrontation and stress. The best approach is one that is least damaging for everyone involved. Working together with a mutual understanding is the best for agreeing on a way forward.

Who knows where you will be in another 20 years. But by 2038 it would be great to still be on good terms with your ex and at least able to have a conversation.

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