Has the spark gone from your relationship?

At the start of most relationships, there is likely to be some kind of ‘spark’. This refers to the level of interest in the other person. Initially, it could be that this is one sided, with one person chasing another’s affection. However, they say that true love happens at first sight so this may be the case for you. Whether your eyes met across a crowded room or you found a common interest through conversation, at some point there will have been a spark.  But after several years, has the spark gone from your relationship?

Spark gone from relationshipThe next stage is often referred to as the ‘honeymoon’ time in a relationship. You’ve established yourself as a couple and you are passionately excited at every moment you spend together. As this period starts to wear off, the big test could be whether there is a still a spark to continue the relationship. Regardless of how much time you have actually spent together, when you felt the time was right, engagement and marriage is the next step.

Marriage is a beautiful union

A marriage is a beautiful union and a good solid base for a family unit but it is also challenging at times. For some, the stress of marriage or the growing dislike for the other partner may prompt them to start to consider ending the marriage. At this stage, it is worth spending time together to discuss if the spark has gone from the relationship.

At this time of year, a great idea would be to go out of the family home. Perhaps go to an event or set a ‘date night’ for you both. This may be difficult if your relationship is already at breaking point and it’s literally ‘fireworks’ every time a conversation starts. At this stage, perhaps you need to put the bonfire of your marriage out and share some treacle toffee. Develop a mutual understanding about getting a divorce.

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