3 steps to improve communication before divorce

When your marriage breaks down, it can literally go from bad to worse in a matter of weeks or even days. There can be a range of reasons and circumstances that have a massive impact, mentally and emotionally. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself with a lot of things to discuss with little time and little interest in doing so.

You may be feeling like you need time out, away from the family home, while you gather your thoughts. However, the more you leave a bad situation, the harder it can be to get through it. Dwelling on the negative feelings, can affect your state of mind and affect your happiness. If you can at least resolve short-term issues, you can work together with your partner on the long-term future.

Here are 3 recommended steps to improving communication with your partner:

1)      Plan time together to discuss.

When you have issues in your marriage, you need to spend time talking it over. In a time of crisis, you may prefer to turn to friends and family for their advice, which is a good way of analysing the problem. However, at some point, when you are clearer on your feelings and wants, you will have to confront your partner. This could simply to agree that you want a divorce or to talk about those awkward issues.

In today’s busy times, you will often struggle to find time to have a decent conversation, let alone plan a divorce. Therefore, the first relatively easy task is to agree on a time that you are both free for a ‘meeting’. This can be in your living room or even at the pub if you prefer. The main point is to schedule time to discuss particular issues that need to be resolved. Perhaps a friend could arrange this time between the two of you.

2)      Agree on a divorce and consider your future.

Following your meeting or meetings (if necessary) the next stage is to plan your divorce. Before, you take sides and prepare for battle, consider your future. Many divorces involve children and so both your futures are likely to include playing an active role as a parent. Therefore, you are also likely to experience times in the future when you need to have important conversations and make arrangements.

Building bridges at this stage is worthwhile to progress to a happier future. It may be strange to be speaking on this level with your partner but think of it as your personal relationship morphing into a working relationship. When it comes to making arrangements, you can do this in a civilised manner, with no mention of how you feel about each other.

3)      Seek a mutual understanding.

The last thing you need when your marriage has broken down is to create more stress and arguments. If you come to a verbal agreement that divorce is the best way forward, then go into it with a positive outlook for the future. Divorce Negotiator offers an alternative service that encourages an amicable divorce, where there is mutual understanding and both parties receive a fair settlement.

At Divorce Negotiator, we have designed a groundbreaking Quick Amicable Divorce service. Our service ensures that you and your partner get a quick divorce without any court hearings or expensive solicitors – saving you time and money.

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