Top 10 Tips For A Successful Amicable Divorce

Amicable Divorce

If you have made the decision to divorce, how you manage the process will determine how stressful and costly the whole affair is. The more acrimonious and bitter the divorce, the harder it will be. At Divorce Negotiator we advocate amicable friendly divorces. We have helped 100s of divorcing couples to have a successful divorce, saving them money and the agony of divorce. Here are some of our handy tips on how you can have a successful amicable divorce.

  1. Deal with your emotions – before you do anything, take time to come to term with your emotions. Until you do that, you will find it hard to move forward from the finger-pointing, and name-calling. This is not conducive to any situation, let alone during one the most stressful situations you are likely to face.
  2. Communicate effectively. Divorce costs escalate because the divorcing partners do not communicate with each other effectively. When communication breaks down, you are putting yourself in the hands of lawyers, who will charge handsome hourly rates to do the communicating for you.
  3. Negotiate – Drop the win-lose attitude. In every divorce, there must be an element of ‘give and take’. As hard as it may be, think of the situation from both sides, especially when talking finances.
  4. Plan together – We know you are done with doing things ‘together’, but we assure you, this one is worth the effort.  Personal finances are often intertwined and rather than letting expensive lawyers unravel them according to what they see fit, take control and do what is best for you.
  5. Do everything in writing – Even if you trust each other. You never know how the situation is likely to change for you or your partner. You may trust each other now, but we have seen plenty of cases where spouses have reneged on verbal agreements.
  6. Don’t skip the consent order – once you have agreed how you are going to move forward with your finances.  A legally approved consent order will avoid any conflict in later years.
  7. Don’t forget your children’s feelings – If you have children, consider their feelings first. Regardless of how you must feel, they still love both of their parents. They will not want to see you both tear each other apart.
  8. Get your paperwork organised – most partnerships have one partner who manages all the household finances. Sit together and make a schedule of all matrimonial assets. Remember, non-matrimonial (i.e. assets built up before marriage) still need to be disclosed to each other.
  9. Limit your divorce advice to professionals – Friends may have obtained the ‘best divorce deal’ for themselves, however, their circumstances are different to yours and it is possible that they are being slightly economical with the truth!
  10. Don’t make any rash decisions – Your emotions may be running high but don’t make any decisions when you are angry.  Making decisions in haste and anger can never be a good thing. We have been contacted many times by people who have acted upon their emotions and later regretted their decisions. However, once you have a legally binding agreement, it is difficult to go back.

 At Divorce Negotiator, we guide our client’s through an amicable divorce to ensure that their separated family still maintains a civil relationship. We help our clients to organise their paperwork, communicate with each other effectively, without animosity and reach a legally binding agreement without costing the earth. The best part is they do not have to step foot in court. successful divorce

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