Is Divorce Affecting Your Work Life?

divorce stress workWith nearly 1 in 2 marriages ending in divorce, it is no surprise that Divorce affects your productivity at work and costs the British economy billions of pounds each year.

The estimated minimum amount of time it takes to get divorced is 4-6 months and during this time, there is a huge impact on your work and professional life. It is difficult to keep up with the burden of dealing with your divorce whilst maintaining punctuality, attendance, and productivity at work. Despite this, most employers do not go far enough to support divorcing employees. In this article, we explore ways to help you to manage your work life whilst going through a divorce.

How Can Divorce Affect Your Work Life?divorce stress work

  • AbsenteeismOne obvious side effect of divorce on your work life is the time that you will need to take off due to meetings with your divorce experts, and attending court hearings.
  • Non-ProductivityGoing through a difficult divorce is one of the most stressful things that a person can go through. This will naturally mean that as an employee you are less likely to be productive at work. 
  • Increased Sick Leave: If you are going through a divorce or separation you may suffer symptoms of depression.  Theses include stress-related headaches, fatigue, and insomnia.  Leading to an increased level of sick leave.
  • Increased MistakesThe stress and pressure that you go through can reduce your ability to function.  It can impair judgment and job performance leading to injuries, mistakes, and accidents.
  • Resigning: Divorce is one of the main reasons why employees leave work, perhaps because your childcare arrangements no longer work, you need to move home, or you are unable to cope. 

Where to Get Help

We understand that for most people divorce is a devastating event and whilst you can’t stop the damage that it causes, you can do something to limit its effect. Here are some of our suggestions:

Turn to your Employer

It is a fact that divorce affects productivity and effectiveness subsequently it’s an issue businesses really cannot afford to ignore. There are several things HR departments can do to minimise the stress and disruption to your work life.

  • Communicate with our employer – let them know what is happening. Let them have the dates of any lawyer meetings or court dates in advance. 
  • Discuss how you can manage your work tasks and working hours. 
  • Make a Plan: When do tasks need to be completed and what deadlines need to be met. If you are not in a position to complete them in time, let someone know. Make sure you have a backup.
  • Find out in advance what information you are going to need for your divorce, i.e. pension valuations and tax information and who you will need to request this form.
  • Work out who you need to speak to for certain situations – having contact details to hand will often help.

Don’t Take Advice from Colleagues

When faced with a colleague’s divorce, many people make remarks and offer unhelpful advice. Colleagues may encourage you to take time off sick or abandon tasks that should be dealt with. Do not rely on advice from colleagues, always ensure that you speak to a manager/supervisor or the HR department.

Learn to Say No

Understand your capabilities and limits. Managing your time is crucial if you want to manage your divorce and work life effectively. So avoid overwork and say no when you need to. You may be tempted to take on more work than you can handle to keep your boss happy, however, you might be asking for trouble in the long term.

Work-Life Balance 

Leave work on time if possible and cut yourself off from work emails when you get home. Give yourself time to deal with your divorce issues or just to get some well-needed rest.

Keep Your Divorce Amicable

Keeping your divorce as amicable as possible.

The more contentious the divorce, the more time off work you will require. Working with divorcing partner to reach decisions will help you to avoid long-winded court hearings.

Choose the Right Divorce Expert

Find a divorce expert who can work around your schedule. Perhaps this is someone local you can meet before or after work or during your lunch hour. Working remotely is a good option as you can have meetings over skype or generally deal with issues over emails/phone.

Get Help from Family & Friends

Don’t wait until you’re falling apart. Speak to your friends and family. Whether you need some emotional help, assistance with childcare or help with some paperwork. You will be surprised how much your loved ones want to help.

Don’t suffer in silence. There is help out there. Call us for help. Divorce Negotiator Experts can work with you remotely, in accordance with your work schedule. We have appointments outside the usual working hours and we are contactable 7 days per week.

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