Sonia Limbada responds to a new study on the effects of divorce on children

Effects of Divorce on Children

Research released this week into the effects of divorce on children.  Conducted by Masaryk University and has suggested that children pay the price when parents divorce amicably. Also that children, whose parents divorced in the 1940/50’s,  were 2% less likely to graduate from university than other children.  Additionally by the 1970s laws were less restrictive and children were nearly 10% less likely to attend university.  Suggesting divorce without conflict,  causes shock and lifelong damage.  Concluding that children are less likely to succeed rather than those whose parents split up acrimoniously.

Sonia Limbada comments

Sonia Limbada commented, “This research sends a very dangerous message. Preaching that if you want your children to go to university, you should expose them to vitriolic hatred Is attending university the pinnacle of success which we should allow to determine how we divorce?

“How many of these children actually went on to have a meaningful and successful career? Could it be that the products of acrimonious divorces actually went to university! To escape their family situations and to feel some self-worth?

“An amicable divorce is child-focused and inclusive of them. Meaning that children are aware that the family is separating and the reasons behind the separation. There is no element of surprise for the child. It demonstrates that it is possible to make rational decisions in the face of adversity. Without openly annihilating those you disagree with.

“A bitter separation often results in children losing contact with one parent. which cannot be preferable to an amicable divorce where sensible post-divorce parenting is possible.

“At Divorce Negotiator, the well-being of children is always our main priority throughout the process. Whereas as soon as solicitors come into the equation the situation tends to shift and focus towards money. The fact that anybody can claim that this latter arrangement will serve the children better in the long-term, defies all logic. Which is why we always recommend amicable negotiation over litigation.”

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