Low cost divorce achieved amicably

Low cost divorce achieved amicably

So you have both decided that your marriage has irretrievably ended and you don’t have a future with together.  It makes sense to begin the divorce proceedings to officially end your marriage in the eyes of the law. It is at this point that many couples are apprehensive about how to move forwards with a low cost divorce – because of the expenses of solicitors.

For some couples who do not have joint finances, assets or children to consider.  The process will be very straightforward, merely following the legal footsteps needed to complete the process. If you have joint considerations that you need to take in account. This could potentially make the whole process longer and less agreeable. Either way, there is still a chance that if you choose the wrong representative you could have the whole process dragged out. Thus putting more pressure on you and more pressure on your wallet to fund the process.
How can you achieve a low-cost divorce?

Choosing the right representative

The traditional method has long been to use opposing solicitors as each parties representatives.  Instructing them to help you ‘win’ in the divorce, whether this be getting the most finances or securing lone custody of the children. This method is often fuelled by negativity, with opposing solicitors restricting contact between couples. Decisions  through the courts. This is a very costly road, with double the legal fees for each party and high hourly rates charged by solicitors.

The other method, DIY divorce? Often couples think to save money they can do it themselves with assistance found online. Some couples without any complexities or joint considerations find this method of divorce far more cost effective.

However, for couples who are not necessarily facing a simple divorce, DIY divorce can represent an issue.  Not only will this be very time consuming, it can also pose  issues in the future if not handled correctly. This is something that you do not want brought back up once it is complete! Many couples think that doing it themselves cut out any costs for courts. This is not the case as every divorce requires a Decree Absolute, processed through the courts.

So is there another way? Treading the line between solicitors and DIY divorce is Divorce Negotiator. Looking at divorce differently, working with both parties, negotiating to achieve a fairer, cost effective and amicable divorce. Divorce Negotiator can guide you through the entire process, including the best options for your divorce, provide a mediation service for both parties, organise child care arrangements post-divorce and arrange fair financial settlements. And because we work with both parties, you have already halved the costs of hiring two solicitors.

Interested in finding out more on how Divorce Negotiator could save you costs?

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