Quick divorce- what are the timescales involved?

What are the timescales?

Following the last blog on quick divorce, it made me think about the number of divorces we did last year.  We were able to assist couples to a quick divorce, taking only 12 weeks. That really is quite astonishing when you consider in past years it would take 9-12 months.

We must stress we are talking only about quick divorces where there is no Financial Agreement. A divorce could be as quick as 8 weeks, if the Decree Nisi application was not sat in the Judge’s in-tray, before they granted a certificate of entitlement. After which a further date is set- normally 2-3 weeks from the date of the certificate. We ask why is it necessary when the court has a signed acknowledgement showing that the Respondent is also in agreement to the divorce?  And what’s worse is that the name of the process ‘application to trial’ which can often frighten people with visions of having to go to court. You don’t have to go to court anymore- but they haven’t changed the terminology.

So although we can push through our paperwork on time every time, a quick divorce currently is 12 weeks. One day perhaps it will reduce to 8 weeks.

But remember- never to push for a quick divorce if it is not the right path for you. No matter how much you want to move on with your life, securing a Financial Agreement if you have shared assets or children is vital. Many people assume Decree Absolute is automatic after the 6 weeks date from Decree Nisi, but it is not.  It is a separate application to make the divorce official.

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