Quickie divorce – what does ‘quick’ mean?

Quickie Divorce – what does ‘quick’ mean?

How many times have we heard, “we separated 2 years ago so can we have a quick divorce?” or “we have no children, no assets and so we just want a quick divorce”- but what does ‘quick’ mean?  To some it is weeks, to others it is months, but with 12 months in a year, is 6 months quick? Or 9 months? We all have our own definition.

Perhaps the word should be ‘simple’. A simple divorce is where the parties agree the marriage is over, they both want a divorce and there are no assets involved. There may be children but we see a lot of sensible people that can and do manage child care as parental responsibility dictates. What also becomes very important in this situation is that the parents are in agreement to the arrangements.

So whether it is simple or quick, we can dissolve a marriage in 12 weeks. By preparing the forms, ensuring they’re signed and sent to the court. Preparing the next forms until the whole process is complete. Finally you then both receive your notice stating the marriage has dissolved.

Providing there is no unnecessary loss of time in sending forms back then 12 weeks is the quickest ANYONE in England in Wales can get a ‘quick’ divorce.

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