Why choose assisted divorce?

Why Choose Assisted Divorce

The joy of our work is that no two people are the same and no divorce is ever the same. There is always a different dimension even if it seems that 99% of the detail involved is the same as a divorce you have seen before. There will always be something of a difference which is unique to that party’s marriage.

Most relationships consist of one stronger personality. This doesn’t mean the other is weak, quite the contrary in fact, sometimes the quieter personality knows a different way to achieve their goals. But when it comes to divorce you are either very familiar with the process or helped someone else through it. Or you know nothing and the road ahead looks very bleak. That is assuming you can see the road – many struggle to work out the way forward or simply cannot face what is happening.

For many years solicitors have added to the friction what married couples experience when one or both decide the marriage has come to an end. Who suffers? The people paying the solicitor’s bill, children of the family, parents of the children just about to start divorce. Not to mention the grandparents, employers of the party about to start divorce and friends of the soon to be divorcing couple. WOW!  That can influence an awful lot of people because of your decision to divorce.

That is why we assist parties, either one or both of you. Giving as much or as little guidance as you want and need. This includes:
– completing forms
– financial negotiation
– drafting orders
– finding out the address of the long lost spouse
– wording the statement for divorce
– discussing the grounds
– and every other aspect of the process.
We can assist with cost effectiveness, time efficiency and not causing more friction at this sensitive time.


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