Amicable Divorce

Divorce for many represents a negative but what if you looked at it from another point of view – Amicable divorce? Rather than the traditional separation and legal battle to claim ‘the most possible’ at the end of your marriage – what if you could agree on a fair settlement and walk away amicably.


The traditional process of getting a divorce can have negative outcomes and bitter feelings. With one party aiming to wear down and ‘win’ against the other. But! would this process not be easier, cheaper and quicker if you could both agree on a fair settlement to amicably divorce. Divorce Negotiator works with you and your spouse to start the negotiations. The aim being reducing the time spent agreeing the settlemen. This often results in a quicker and cheaper resolutions.


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AMICABLE vs. ATTRITIONAL was last modified: September 12th, 2018 by Carol Sullivan

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