Myths about Divorce #8

Children in divorce grow into more grounded adults if their parents don’t involve them

This depends on the children in divorce and how you as adults act around your child/children. Most couples your child/children mean the world to you and you would never want to intentially hurt them.

Some parents choose to involve older children into elements of their divorce. That being the child understands that the situation they are witnessing is no fault of their own. And that neither parent will abandon them. This is, of course, more difficult depending on the reasons behind the divorce. Children who understand the situation can then digest it, ask questions and feel involved. If you involve your child/children in the process continue a civil and level relationship. Taking sides and making negative comments about your spouse is unfair to your child/children. It will put your children in an awkward and confusing situation.

For those parents that feel it is best to keep any children completely removed from the situation. You must remember to keep this going throughout the whole process even when the child is not in the room. Overhearing or getting caught in the middle is likely to make your child feel uneasy and anxious.

Every family has a different stance on the matter. We generally find that a civil, negotiated divorce encourages being civil at home. Thus benefiting your child/children and it can save you time and money.

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