Myths about Divorce #7

A person who commits adultery will settle for less in their financial settlement because they feel guilty !

There are many reasons why adultery happens and often, they will settle for less in a financial settlement.  Admitting adultery there’s an enormous amount of guilt felt by that person, . Especially when the offender wants to enter into a long-term relationship with their new found love. To help the guilt process they often walk away with much less of their entitled marital assets.

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In the past the innocent party would often have been financially compensated for the marriage breaking up. Yet, time has moved on and we now live in a no blame society when dividing up the matrimonial assets. This means the injured party can become disgruntled with the law. Justice comes in all shapes and sizes and so both parties need help in understanding what is fair in these situations.

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation. Divorce and financial settlement, consider talking to the divorce experts to find out your options.


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