Myths about Divorce #6

When divorcing there’s always a winner and a loser with a financial settlement – But is this always the case?

Well it depends on a person’s view point what they need to achieve and what they perceive as a winner or a loser in a financial settlement. Likewise, a person generally has an idea of what they consider to be a fair settlement. If they get anything less they may consider themselves a loser. This is a mind-set that needs a shake up when considering all the facts. A couple who once fell in love, got married and subsequently divorced. They are both winners and losers but both MUST walk away with a fair settlement. This can only happen by considering all of the finances and how each party will be able to walk away and continue a reasonable standard of living.


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Myths about Divorce #6 was last modified: October 8th, 2018 by Carol Sullivan
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