Divorce fee increase

Divorce Fee Increase

On 21st March this year we saw the increase of the divorce fee from £410 to £550. This increase of 34% has made many couples upset who are going through or considering a divorce. Taking into consideration is that it was only 1st July 2013 that saw an increase from £340 to £410. This means in total we have seen an increase of 61.8% in less than three years.

This is an increase on top of what can be an already very expensive process. Claims that the average cost, to the Ministry of Justice, for dealing with uncontested applications is only £270. This sees an increase in fees as a profit for the Ministry of Justice.

This is yet another obstacle for many already struggling to pay the costs in getting divorced. There are many couples who stay in unhappy relationships because of the financial burden. There was talk during the coalition in 2013 to increase the fee to £750.   Although this is still only talk, we’re still waiting to find out whether another increase is to come.

We have very little power over the changes that the Government may make to the fees linked with the Ministry of Justice. But if saving of costs made in other areas of the divorce process then it makes it a possible process to afford.  Find out the way to achieve an amicable divorce. Outside of courts with one negotiator – no winners, no losers and a fair outcome.


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