Myths about Divorce # 5

The house was in his name before we got married so I am not entitled to any of it.

Myths about divorce – This all depends. If you have been living there for a number of years and you have both treated it as your matrimonial home. You may not own the legal title but the law says you have an equitable title (this is only upon marriage).  Couples who only cohabit would need to resolve this situation under property law. Rather than matrimonial law. There may not be an entitlement but every situation is different.

Home Rights

Registering your home rights under land registry may be the answer when your name is not on the title deeds. However, if for example you have been only married a year, and the house had no mortgage when you moved in. You have never contributed to the running of the family home, you will struggle to get a large %. You may find that your soon to be Ex offers you a payment as a gesture of good will. Each case is different but what is most important is to get the right advice first.

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