Does divorce have to be expensive?

It is impossible to estimate with any accuracy what your divorce is likely to cost without talking to the experts. However when solicitors charge between £200 and £600 per hour plus administration costs and court fees, even with an amicable split you can usually pay a minimum of £10,000. If there are complications of any kind such as a shared business to divide it is reasonable to expect this cost will multiply rapidly.

Often, the only winners in bitter legal disputes are lawyers. They have a duty to get the best settlement for their client but it is worth bearing in mind that the longer the process takes the more they earn. This can result in a drawn-out court battle, which leaves both parties facing eye-watering bills.

Not to mention the cost in terms of stress, time and your health. Particularly when there are children and custody battles involved.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

By getting in touch with a neutral negotiator, you can avoid both the stress of a court battle and the expensive lawyers that go with it.

Negotiators are trained specialists. They act for both parties – regardless who is filing for divorce – and help resolve the terms of your split amicably.

They’ll help you both understand how the divorce process works and highlight the pitfalls to avoid.

Negotiators will also prepare all your legal paperwork and explain what the court requires of you. Because even if you want to settle your divorce amicably – without appointing solicitors or appearing in front of a judge – it needs to be ‘approved’ by the court.

Negotiators weigh up what’s best for both of you, rather than pitting one side against another.

This is particularly comforting when there are children to think of, because they often suffer the most when their parents’ divorce case is dragged through court.

Financial settlements can be one of the most difficult and emotional parts of a divorce. But negotiators are trained to mediate in all situations, even where the settlement is complicated. For instance, if you have property, earnings, savings, assets, inheritance and pensions to sort out.

Neither party wants to walk away from their marriage feeling like they didn’t get a fair deal. So, a negotiator will give you all available options. They’ll help find a solution that works for you both, so you can get on with your lives.

And if, for any reason, you are called into court, negotiators will prepare you both so you’re ready and know what to expect.

If you would like to know how a negotiated divorce could help you, Contact one of our negotiators now.

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