Myths about Divorce #3

The mother is left holding the kids…

In 70% of cases women want the children to remain living with them as their primary residence, merely visiting their father at weekends and occasionally during the week.  They can often resent the freedom that their soon to be ex-husband now experiences. It is important to get this situation sorted out right from the start of proceedings so both parties are comfortable and happy with the arrangement moving forward. With emotions flying high, as is often the case during a separation, some fathers back off during the divorce process and allow custody of the children to be predominately with the mother.  This may be a primary objective at first for the mother but perhaps some forward planning at this stage will serve you better in the long run, especially if your children are teenagers and are beginning to forge their own social lives so might only want to see Dad or Mum when it suits them.  If you are considering separation or in the throws of planning a divorce dictating terms to your spouse regarding time spent with the children is inadvisable.  This is where Divorce Negotiator can play an arbitrary role advising you of the most sensible options for both parents and especially the children.

Myths about Divorce #3 was last modified: May 23rd, 2018 by Carol Sullivan
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