Communication is key

‘How was I supposed to know, I’m not a mind reader!’ A comment that many have heard at some point of a relationship, and this is of course extremely true. One of the biggest factors for this comment is the lack of conversation between couples in a relationship. People often have expectations when they begin a relationship and especially when they get married; these expectations have been formed from a range of their upbringing, culture peer group. Whilst it’s perfectly natural for everyone to have different expectations on the outset of a relationship it is extremely important to voice these. Keeping conversation flowing between you both is a key element to being on the same page in your relationship.

We also believe that conversation is key, even if your marriage has not worked out as you expected and you now considering a divorce. This doesn’t necessarily mean it cannot be amicably discussed. Having the chance to discuss your marriage breakdown and then amicably coming to a decision on how best to resolve this and allow you both to move on with your lives is all centred around the need for communication.

Divorce Negotiator removes the confrontational factor that can be associated with solicitors. Rather using one trained and experienced specialist, with one shared discussion which could get you through the divorce process far more amicably and effectively by talking through and jointly taking account of your individual situation. It also has the distinct financial benefit of a shared fee, thus reducing the cost for both parties.

We’re contactable five days a week from 9am to 5pm so if you’d like to find out more on how communication can help you achieve an amicable divorce please get in touch.

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