How to save money and achieve a fair amicable divorce

A recent Matrimonial Survey, conducted by financial advice firm Grant Thornton UK, revealed that there was a noticeable increase in the average age of people seeking divorce this year. Although 74% were between 40 and 49 years old, 15% were between 50 and 59, which represents a 7% rise from 2014.

Within this survey it was also revealed that professionals in the legal industry felt there were three top issues surrounding divorce being; the lack of support for litigants in person (representing yourself in court), the lack of legal aid in family law cases and the courts not being fit for purpose. Our thoughts when reading this was that it seemed clear that many people going through the process of divorce are still struggling with the financial implications involved and many are not getting the support from the legal system that they deserve, with the process continuing to drag on adding to the already stressful situation.

The process of divorce can often be very complex, emotional and time consuming – but to what extent you feel this often depends on who you have by your side supporting, guiding and representing you. Using the services and support of an organisation such as Divorce Negotiator can significantly reduce your costs and the timescale as our specialists work with both parties to achieve a fair amicable divorce – so only one specialist, one set of costs, a far more direct route to moving on with the rest of your lives and we’re contactable 7 days a week.

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