Day 2 – Wonders of Grandparents

Hi all, I have heard from Rose in Winchester whose daughter is going through a divorce.  Rose would like to know how she can support her grandchildren through the difficult time of their parents getting divorced.  I have not had a question like this before but it’s great to hear from a grandparent as you have more power than you think when it comes to the support you can provide in situations like these.  You can offer your grandchildren love, adoration, safety, the feeling of security and most of all FUN which is what all children need at this time.

It’s important to not get involved in the divorce process, this will be hard as it’s your child going through the divorce.  Be a listening ear and comfort when it’s needed however giving your opinion may not be what she wants to hear especially when emotions are running high for everyone.  The closer you are to your grandchildren the better, you offer the children a safe retreat, somewhere they feel secure no matter what is going on at home.  Depending on the children’s age they might want to just see you for cuddles and fun which is always a pleasure or if they are older and understand what’s happening could want to confide in you.  Allow them to let their emotions out, listen to them as well as comfort them.  It’s important you emphasise that none of this is their fault and they are loved very much.

Nothing can beat the time you spend with your grandchildren and it’s important that nothing should change during or after the divorce.  Routine is important to children, my parents adore the time they get to spend with my daughter as it’s a love that is impossible to describe.  If you become concerned about the children’s behaviour sit down and talk to both of the parents and see what you can do as a family unit to help.

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