Day 1 – Children to Feel at Home

Hello all, hope you have enjoyed your weekend.  I will be continuing to respond to questions we have received, I’ve heard from David in Southampton who has recently got divorced and moved into a new house.  David would like ideas on how to make his children feel at home in his new house.  This can be a difficult transition for children but there are plenty of ways you can make it easier for them to settle in and feel at home with you, the children will just want to feel safe and loved.

If your children are old enough to understand what’s happening, you could get them involved in viewing potential new properties which would help them feel part of the change.  For younger children it will be the small touches you do inside the home that will help them feel safe and happy.  You could make an area in your new home that is just for their toys and somewhere they can play and read.  You can get the children to help you decorate their bedroom, this will be exciting and give them a sense of ownership and belonging, if you have older children give them a budget on what they can spend to decorate their new room.  Your children could ask if the other parent can see their new bedroom, they want to show off something that’s special to them, it’s always exciting having a new bedroom especially if you’re a child, if you have an amicable relationship with your ex-partner you should allow this.  If the relationship is not amicable then possibly suggest to your children that they take some photos of the room and show the other parent.

Hope this has helped, have a good day and speak to you tomorrow.


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