Helping children through divorce

Hi all, Friday is here with the weekend approaching, I’m finishing the week by answering Maria from London who has asked ‘how she can help her children through the divorce process.  Well it is going to be a difficult time for you all with a lot of change, people tend not to enjoy change, this is because it’s new and we all feel safer in the routines we known. We also must not forget the depending on their age and whether they knew or know that you as parents were unhappy, or this has come as a shock to them. There are a few books in our recourses centre on our website that may help.

But no matter what their age, try to keep your children’s routine the same if at all possible.  Children’s behaviours can alter, they may become withdrawn or go the opposite way to misbehaving,  this is when family, friends and the children’s school teachers will become a big help to you, make them aware of what is happening so they can help monitor your children and support them if they are acting out of character.   One of the biggest things you can do is reassure the children that Dada and Mum love them and nothing will change that. Reminding them thisdivorce is not their fault.  Children can tend to blame themselves unfortunately. Communication is key and make sure you all still have the fun days out and family time, this will help you as well as your children through this difficult time

Well my 2 year old is screaming now for my attention and so I had better sign off until Monday

Take care


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