Children’s bedtime

Hi, I’ve heard from Steven in Reading who has asked what if they don’t agree on the bedtime of their children on school nights at each other’s houses.  You both need to remember that your children have been through a lot during the separation and divorce process too, so keeping them in the same routine is important at both parents house’s, it will give them continuity.  Children need to feel safe, secure and loved, different routines can leave the children feeling confused, not knowing whether they are coming or going. But more importantly as the children grow up you will have taught them how to play one against the other and that, you really do want to curb.

When I was young because I was older I was allowed to stay up slightly later than my brother, only by 15 minutes but I remember it as a good thing. So if one of you thinks 8pm is good and the other thinks 7.30 is better, compromise to 7.45pm. This way you’re both meeting in the middle. Of course all children love to stay up later and will try all the excuses under the sun and we know this as we used to try them on our parents.I would always remind my Mum it was time for my brothers bedtime. It is natural that two adults with have two different ideas of what is acceptable and what is not, so don’t worry if you disagree, just try to compromise.

Have good one, speak to you tomorrow


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