Splitting the Furniture

Hi all, Hope you’re having a good week. Linda in Thatcham asks what happens if they can’t agree on who has the furniture in the house. Unfortunately the judge will not really want to be troubled with this situation, of course it will be important to you both as its all your belongings but not a matter for him to decide without it costing you possibly more than the furniture.

You both really need to work together amicable, compromise will be a big part of solving this problem and being able to accept that neither of you can have everything as that’s just not fair. You can draw up a schedule and add to the financial order if you feel it’s the only way you can move forward.

Remember that arguing over what you both want to keep won’t resolve the matter of your household furniture, you could try organising a meeting together to draw up a list of all the furniture you have and go through it together with reasons on why you would like to keep it. Some of the reasons could be sentimental which neither of you realised beforehand, I have a lot of sentimental value in my furniture that I’ve had over the years and would hate to part with so listen to each other. Remember gifts you bought each other belong to the person they were gifted to.

Please, don’t get the saw out and literally cut everything in half, come and talk to us first.

Have a good day and hope this has helped.


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