Day 4 – Child Maintenance

Hi all, I have received a few questions today, I’m going to talk about a question received from Adam in Reading regarding Child Maintenance. He is unsure why Child Maintenance Service can only work out what’s to be payable if you take home £3,000 or less, what if you earn more than this? Where do you go to make sure it’s done correctly?

Firstly the website is great for information but if you are like many of our clients it never actually answer the one question you have which is normally more specific.

If you do not fall within the Child Maintenance rates for your gross weekly income, which is over £3,000 as Adams question relates to then you would need to contact the courts directly for them to complete an assessment or ‘Divorce Negotiator’ can also do this for you if you don’t want to contact directly to the courts or cannot get through. When I have been trying to get through sometimes I am holding for 10 minutes, get cut off, try again, get cut off and then give up, if you are in this situation then please contact us as we are more than happy to help.

Have a good day

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