Day 3 – The Truth about Divorce

Truth about divorce

Hi all, hope your week is going well so far, yesterday I heard from Tom in Portsmouth, he was unsure about what would happen regarding custody of the children during the divorce process.

Tom believed that the mother would get custody of the children no matter what their situation, I asked him why he had come to that conclusion. Tom said he assumed the mother gained custody based on what he had seen and heard through TV and conversation with work colleagues. This is not always the case and it depends on the individual circumstance of both the mother and the father but also what is best for the children.

Until recently, when you were filing for divorce you had to file what was known as a statement of Arrangements for the children. But the court although they say the children are paramount, they abolished this form. Doesn’t make sense, does it?
So now it’s up to you the parents to draw up a parenting plan of what is going to happen with the children, like bedtimes, schooling, when they visit the parent not living at home any more. Anything and everything can be added to it of course.

The courts take a lot into consideration when children are involved through the divorce proceedings, below are some examples:

Do you know the court only hear cases where parents truly cannot agree and need the court to decide, If you want a parenting plan just email me or download one from here

Hope this has helped, keep the questions coming at


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